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What is acumaths?

acumaths is a maths secondary school resource (Key Stage 3 & 4) designed for whole class teaching.

acumaths provides an unlimited supply of questions and answers written in Microsoft Excel to be displayed via a projector, or for use with an interactive white board.

acumaths is has been written to be as simple to use as possible - the only input is to click the relevant grey boxes. No knowledge of Excel is required.

Questions are grouped together into topics which are grouped together under five strands - number problems; number; algebra; shape, space & measure and handling data. There are a total of 32 topics and within these over a hundred sets of questions.

A question is displayed to the whole class which the pupils answer either on small dry wipe whiteboards or on paper (neither provided). Answers are not entered into the computer.

The answer, and on some occasions the working, can then be revealed, providing the pupils with immediate feedback so they can see if they have the correct answer.

If appropriate, the teacher could annotate the answer with additional workings to explain how the answer was arrived at. The next question can then be displayed.

Pupils answering the questions on small dry wipe whiteboards allows the teacher to instantly know who got a question right or wrong. Pupils benefit because incorrect methods are not reinforced. since Excel randomly produces the questions there is an endless bank or questions to help master a topic.

Some sheets provide a demonstration of a concept rather than asking a series of questions. These often include interactive diagrams or graphs to help pupils understand the concept.


System Requirements:

Microsoft ® 98 or later

Microsoft Excel ® 2000 or later (Excel is not provided as part of the software.)
A computer and projector or an interactive white board.
Class set of small dry wipe whiteboards and pens. (Optional)
Whilst questions can be answered in books or on paper for the teacher to receive instant feedback on the ability of the pupils, questions are best answered on small dry wipe whiteboards.